The Last Reunion: A Gathering of Heroes

client: PBS

This is one of the those projects that will stick with me forever.  The film depicts the story of the famed 352nd fighter squadron, the most successful P-51 Squadron in WW II.  Each year since the war ended these American heroes came together to relive memories and pay tribute to those who gave their lives in the struggle.  In 2003, the ravages of time taking their toll, they decided to end things on a positive note, and gather together one last time.  I was present for the filming of the final reunion, and it is an event that I’ll never forget.  They are the best and finest. 

I received an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Music and Sound for the score I composed for the film.  The film was directed by Brent Wilson and produced by Bob Reese

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The Last Reunion 2:01 VIDEO
Heroes Finale 1:58 Drama